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The Empire of Thrace (Traus Rezodon) is a sovereign, non-territorial nation founded in 23 August of 1992. The Empire of Thrace is a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy following in the great democratic tradition of civilized nations. On account of the small size of our national community, Thrace is often referred to as a "micronation".

The Thracian Constitution of January 2003 unites the people with their Sovereign in a very special partnership of leadership. Together, the Emperor
(Rezas) and the People chart the course of Thrace's future in a united effort to create and maintain a great nation.

is not a simulation but rather a real, functioning nation.  While the beliefs of our citizens reveal a broad spectrum of political philosophy, we are united as one people striving to develop and maintain a national community in which all citizens are free to fully participate and to advance as far as their talents and aspirations will allow.

While visiting this website be sure to take advantage of a visit to the public forums wherein you may interact with citizens and visitors on-line. The forums serve as one venue in which Thracians from different parts of the globe can interact with one another and with our welcome visitors to discuss current affairs, chart the nation's future and participate in government.

After perusing this website and visiting the national forums, you may come away from the experience wishing to become a part of
Thrace. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to invite you to visit the Citizenship page which offers an easy guide to applying for Thracian citizenship.  Citizenship offers you the opportunity to become an integral player in our steadily growing society.

Take a look around! The Empire of Thrace is yours to discover

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