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We looking for new Diplomatic Representatives.


Diplomatic Representatives

In recognition of the increasing diversity and geographic distribution of its population and the associated expansion of its interests and responsibilities, the Empire of Thrace began a policy of active international engagement.

The Imperial Diplomatic Corps is a Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its Imperial Legates are responsible for acting on behalf of the Empire and its Citizens within nominated territorial regions.

The following Imperial Legations are operational and may be contacted as necessary by Citizens or other interested parties. Imperial Legates are progressively being appointed to other regions as suitable candidates become available, and applications from Citizens who wish to function in these roles are invited:


Imperial Legate to USA: / vacant /

His Excellency

E-Mail : 

Telephone: none

NEW: The seal of Thracian Embassy of USA



Imperial Legate to Mexico:

His Excellency Ludwig Nolte - Cancun , Mexico

E-Mail : ludwignolte@gmx.net
Telephone: +52-999-1411093



Imperial Legate to Sweden:

His Excellency baron Pat Norr - TAEBY, Sweden

E-Mail : lennart@certportal.com
Telephone: 046/08/6380299


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