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Where is Empire of Thrace


The Empire of Thrace (8th largest in Bulgaria, the capital city of Thrace it is Sliven) is located in South-East Bulgaria. The town is situated in the eastern part of the Gornotrakiiska valley (Upper Thrace Valley) at at 270m above sea level in the immediate foot of Sliven Balkan (Eastern Balkan Mountains), 270 km east of Sofia, 28 km northwest of Yambol, 70 km northeast of Stara Zagora, 75 km east of Kazanlak and 114 km west of Bourgas.

The Capital city Sliven is famous for its clean fresh air, clean water sources, meak winter and cool summer. The unique rocky massif, the Blue Rocks, "Sinite Kamani", and associated national park, the fresh air and the mineral springs offer diverse opportunities for leisure and tourism.

Sliven is situated on the international highway Е-773 which connects Sofia with Bourgas.  Alongside with this road route, there is a railroad. The east part of the Balkan Range (Stara Planina), where the town is situated is cut by passages which are very important for the communications between northern and southern Bulgaria. There is an airport with the necessary facilities for passengers and cargo service.


Area size of City of Sliven: 193.778km2


Area size of Empire of Thrace: 112.00 m2




A. General Data



1. Popular Name: Thrace


2. Two Letter Identifier: Tk


3. Official Name: Empire of Thrace | Тракийска Имеприя | Traus Rezodon


- The official name Traus Rezodon comes from the autochthonous Traus words (Traus, Rezus and Don) for Thracian, Emperor/King and  Land . That's why

Traus Rezodon means Empreror's Land or King's land


4. Capitol City: Sliven


5. Original Name: Тракия | Traus


6. Name in English: The Empire of Thrace

    Name in Thracian: Traus Rezodon


7. Nationality of Citizens: Thracians


8. Official Calendar: Gregorian


9. Official Language: Bulgarian and English

    The Thracian language was used merely in the official correspondence


10. National Day: - (Emperor’s birthday ) - The Emperor is abdicate




12. National Anthem:


13. Origin of Name:


14. Measurement System: European



B. Social Data


1. Population:  90 Citizens


2. Demographics:


a. Ages 0 to 15: ..%


b. Ages 16 to 64: ..%


c. Age 65 and above: ..%


d. Gender:


(1) Female: ..%


(2) Male: ..%



3. Obligatory Military Service: No


4. Death Penalty Exists: No


5. Censorship of the Press: No


6. More then one wife: No


7. Direct Elections: Yes


8. Taxation: No


9. Free Speech Laws: Yes


10. Main Newspaper(s): No



C. Economic Data


1. Currency: 1 Sovereign (TSo)


2. Value in EURO: 1:1



D. Geographical Data



1. Continent: Europe, Australia/Oceania, North America, South  America


2. Location: Europe (Bulgaria)


3. Limits: n/a


4. Major Cities: Sliven


5. Area: 112.00 m2



E. Political Data



1. Political System: Constitutional Monarchy


2. Date of Next Elections:


3. Head of State: His Majesty, Emperor - The Emperor is abdicate


4. Head of Government: His Excellency, Baron Robert von Lothringen


5. Major Parties: National Social Democrat Party


6. Parliamentary System: Bicameral Parliament composed of two Houses

/House of Lords and House of Deputies/


7. Provinces, States, Districts: 5 provinces:


- Dacia

- Moesia

- Macedonia

- Paionia

- Dardania


8. Diplomatic Relations: Yes





Capital city

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